Friday, November 7, 2008

Christines Wedding in Oceanside CA

It was so nice to head to the sunny, beautiful beach for Christines wedding! Our condo was on the beach front, where we could walk to the harbor and eat fresh fried fish!!! We surfed and played all day long. This trip was expecially exciting for Jacoby; this was his first time to the ocean. Once he got in, I couldn't get him out. He became quite the surfer!! Christines wedding was beautiful and so was the time spent with family on vacation. Wish we were there now.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Vacation in Moab

This June we went to Moab to stay at my Grandma's hotel, The Apache.
We went to Deadhorse Point, Hole In The Rock, and shopped main street.
We had so much fun!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Instead of a billion posts, I figured I'd save us all the time and make one GIANT overview of the last year, and start our blog fresh from now..
This past year, we've had so much fun, tears and happiness.
There are two pictures of our Honeymoon to Palm Springs CA, two pictures of our trip to Frightmares/Lagoon for Halloween, two pictures of Jacoby's 23rd surprise b-day party in November, and two pictures of the crashing of our car in November. Wow, what a year its been!

We were married July 14th 07'. In Washington Utah

23 more days and we'll be celebrating our 1 year
anniversary! Gosh! Time sure flys when your having fun! Thinking of the last year and all the things we've expierenced, just blows my mind! Where will we be next year? 5 years? Can't believe where we are now! So many great years to come and what a great year thats passed....